Medical marijuana ballot issue faces Oklahoma voters

Medical marijuana ballot issue faces Oklahoma voters NewsOK Pro

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Go Pro Customize Your Newslive: Severe storms move through parts of Oklahoma The OklahomanNewsOK: Oklahoma City News, Sports, Weather & Entertainment Oregano rolled in tobacco papers represents 85 marijuana joints. At a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, June 20, 2018, about a half-dozen spokespersons representing Oklahoma medical, business, faith and community leaders took turns stepping behind a microphone inside the Oklahoma State Medical Association office in Oklahoma City to express their concern and opposition to State Question 788. The coalition representatives made it clear they do not necessarily oppose medical marijuana but their concern centers around the wording contained in State Question 788. Opponents assert the ballot initiative being placed before voters next week is not founded on medical objectives. Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman GO PRO Support local journalism by upgrading to NewsOK Pro.

Supporters of State Question 788 say a “yes” vote is a vote for medical marijuana.

Opponents say that’s not true. They contend a “yes” vote is tantamount to a vote for recreational marijuana.

Who is a person to believe? And will that matter to Oklahoma voters who will cast their ballots in a country where nine of the 30 states that have previously approved medical marijuana have later gone on to approve recreational marijuana, as well?

After weeks of listening to divisive arguments and evaluating conflicting information, Oklahoma voters will finally have their say on the issue Tuesday when they vote in the state’s primary

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