Medical marijuana 'come get it' post on Facebook nets 7 arrests

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — A central Indiana man tried to sell medical marijuana on Facebook, authorities said, and that post led to the arrest of him and six others in a drug raid.

Police arrested five people on drug-related charges. Prosecutors said the investigation began when they got a tip about the Facebook post and tracked that man back to a house in Greenwood.

“It’s always very quiet around here,” said a neighbor identified only as “Justin” who asked us not to show his face on camera. “You know, I’ve known them across the street for years.”

“Justin” lives in the neighborhood near Park Drive and Gooseberry Lane in Greenwood, near Northeast Elementary and Northeast Park. The quiet neighborhood was the site of a drug raid Wednesday morning in the 600 block of Park Drive.

“I got up and heard some commotion going on outside looked and saw a whole mess of cops out there,” “Justin” said. “I saw a couple officers carry out a couple totes with the lids propped open with paper bags and stuff like that.”

Authorities got a search warrant after seeing a Facebook post by 26-year-old Andrew Konchinsky. The screenshot shows a bag of medical marijuana with a caption that says “come get it.”

“If you put something on social media, it’s going to be seen by somebody somewhere, so if you’re going to sell marijuana on social media, you’re probably going to get a knock on your door and your residence searched,” said Johnson County Prosecutor Bradley Cooper.

The prosecutor said his office doesn’t normally see cases like this involving social media and selling drugs.

“We’ve had other cases where people would post, like, they’re on probation, and there would be a picture of them consuming alcohol or consuming marijuana and that would be a

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