Medical Marijuana Commission to decide how to proceed with dispensary applications

The Medical Marijuana Commission plans to discuss how to proceed with the scoring of dispensary applications. (MGN Photo)


The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission plans to meet on Monday to discuss dispensary applications as it waits for the Arkansas Supreme Court’s decision regarding cultivation applications to become final.

On June 21, the Arkansas Supreme Court paved the way for the state to launch its medical marijuana program, reversing and dismissing a ruling by Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Wendell Griffen that stopped the state from issuing the cultivation licenses on the basis that it was unconstitutional. The state’s highest court said the judge didn’t have the jurisdiction to make this ruling and scrapped it, allowing the MMC to award the top five applicants their license while the unsuccessful applicants received denial letters.

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration said the state Supreme Court’s ruling could not be considered final for two weeks. The commission will have to wait to take action until after that and DF&A says they will not discuss cultivation applications until then.

As for dispensary applications, the commission plans to discuss how to proceed with the scoring of these applications. The commission received 237 dispensary applications but didn’t score them after Griffen’s ruling.

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