Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Mount Vernon, co-owned by Hopkins medical professor

A medical marijuana dispensary co-owned by an adjunct professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has opened in Mount Vernon and plans a ceremony on June 22.

The ReLeaf Medical Cannabis Dispensary is among 50 dispensaries licensed in the state, close to half of the 102 allowed by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

Most of the licensees have opened in recent months after long delays with getting the industry off the ground in Maryland. The General Assembly created the program in 2012.

A half dozen of those licensed are in Baltimore City. The majority of the dispensaries are in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, leaving gaps in availability in the state’s farther flung counties.

Medical marijuana dispensary coming to Abingdon

Another medical marijuana dispensary will be opening soon in Harford County, making four approved or awaiting state approval in Harford.

The RISE Abingdon dispensary would be the second slated for legislative District 34, which is entirely contained within Harford’s borders. The former Saxon’s…

Dr. Andrew Whelton co-founded the ReLeaf shop with his son Connor Whelton.

Unlike other major health systems in the state that ask their doctors not to recommend the drug, Johns Hopkins Medicine has no policy directing physicians about whether they should recommend medical cannabis, which remains illegal at the federal level.

Overwhelmed computer system stalls medical marijuana sales over weekend in Maryland

The online system that tracks medical marijuana got overwhelmed by heavy use on Friday and Saturday, officials said, slowing and preventing purchases at dispensaries across Maryland.

A spokeswoman for the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission attributed the problem to a

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