Medical marijuana facility preps to open

Marijuana strains are already growing at Harmony Foundation in Secaucus. The medical marijuana facility is set to open sometime this spring. The Harmony Foundation, a medical marijuana facility on Meadowlands Parkway in Secaucus, recently began harvesting its strains — a crucial step before opening sometime this spring, according to Harmony Foundation spokeswoman Leslie Hoffman. Last July, the state issued Harmony a permit to begin growing its products.

The facility is a dispensary, meaning patients can pick up their prescriptions there.

The dispensary’s progress comes among rapidly changing times for medical marijuana in New Jersey. Gov. Phil Murphy has come out as a strong marijuana advocate, recently expanding the state’s medical marijuana program. The expansion will allow for thousands more people to enroll, and adds five more qualifying conditions, including anxiety, migraines, Tourette’s syndrome, chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders, and chronic visceral pain.

It also reduces the registration fee from $200 to $100. To date, the New Jersey medical marijuana program has around 18,574 patients.

In October, the facility began growing 12 marijuana strains after finally getting its growing system in order. Currently, it is around two weeks into harvesting them, and is now harvesting four days a week.

The strains will soon be sent out for testing at a state laboratory. After testing finishes, the dispensary should get the greenlight to open, Hoffman said.

“We’re just furnishing the dispensary now,” Hoffman said. “We should be opening soon.”

Harmony Foundation would become the first Alternative Treatment Center in Hudson County, and the sixth in New Jersey overall.

Medical marijuana developments

During Gov. Chris Christie’s time in office, Christie limited access to the program, introduced in 2010. Last year, he even penned a letter to Donald Trump arguing that expanding medical marijuana will cause similar issues to the rise in opioid prescriptions over

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