Medical Marijuana in America Turns 42 or 40?

Wait, a minute, California was the first state in the Union with medical marijuana after Prop 215, which didn’t go into effect until 1996 – which means that medical marijuana is only 22 years old.  Actually, depending on when you want to say it was recognized by federal law, it is way older.

In November of 1976, in the case of US v. Randall, which is a hard case to find.  I got a Lexis cite, but no login. It is basically buried, I almost feel bad about the video because – is it fake news?  Or is the law that is fake and being protected. It makes you think because typically, if there is a case then it is in the public record and you can find it.  Even the Wikipedia page for the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program does not cite to a copy of the case.

Purportedly, the US v. Randall case led to the FDA establishing an Investigational New Drug Program.  From 1978 until 1992, the FDA program approved certain people for use of cannabis.

This FDA program led to the world record holder in joints smoked because of the ability to verify the number provided to the patient each month for the 36 years – and counting – that he has been in the program.

Today the FDA maintains that cannabis is not medical at all and it should remain a Schedule I substance alongside heroin. Just another insane aspect of the marijuana laws in America.  Too bad that George W. Bush decided to end the FDA program, perhaps the cannabis laws in America would be different today. But they are slowly changing in the states, and maybe it is wise to remind the FDA that it once allowed medical marijuana.  So it’s time to

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