Medical marijuana is legal. But how should schools handle it?

Broward County Schools are hashing out plans for dealing with medical marijuana on campus.

Under a proposed policy, students wouldn’t be allowed to carry pot and it could not be stored on campus. But a student’s parent or caregiver could bring it to school and administer it if the child has the proper medical approval.

School staff would be not be allowed to handle it.

Pot use has long been banned on school campuses, but Florida voters legalized it for medical purposes in 2016. The state Legislature last year required schools to come up with a policy on dealing with it.

School districts are uneasy with the state mandate. Marijuana is illegal under federal law, so districts who allow it could potentially lose federal funding for school lunches and Title 1 programs for low-income students.

“The expansion of marijuana use policies in the states has largely gone unchecked by federal officials; however, the expansion into schools presents a different set of issues and could meet some federal pushback, ” warned the Education Commission of the States, which studies education policy.

Miami-Dade County school officials say they have decided not to allow medical marijuana at school due to the conflict in state and federal law.

Palm Beach County schools allows it to be administered by nurses, who are employed not by the district but by the county health care district.

This is a developing story. Check back for more information.

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