Medical marijuana ordinance repealed in rural Kalamazoo County

ROSS TOWNSHIP, MI — Residents of a rural township in Kalamazoo County are breathing a bit easier as their organized resistance to medical marijuana appears to be paying off.

Tuesday, the Ross Township Board of Trustees repealed an ordinance that legalizes medical marijuana facilities and sets a process for obtaining permission to open them. A second ordinance dealing with the zoning districts marijuana businesses can open was not repealed.

Supervisor Gary Moore said the township is going to “take a step back, revisit and take another swing” at creating marijuana ordinances that align with the community’s interests. The Planning Commission will be charged with reexamining the zoning districts where marijuana facilities could open.

“Ross Township is a good community and we are going to work our way through this,” Moore said.

Kalamazoo County Clerk Tim Snow said he was notified by residents that a petition to recall the township board would be turned in to his office Wednesday afternoon.

The township will partner with a Western Michigan University professor to create a survey that will be mailed to registered voters by the end of the month.

Ordinance 210 was not on a version of June 12 agenda posted online before the meeting. Moore said Robb Blain drafted the ordinance with the township attorney after the agenda had been printed.

It passed unanimously, the supervisor said.

 The two-page ordinance simply repeals Ordinance 205, specifically stating marijuana facilities allowed under state law are not authorized to be located in Ross Township.

Residents called for a repeal of Ordinance 205 and 209 in public meetings. They’re halfway to succeeding.

The Planning Commission will postpone the consideration of medical marijuana applications while it reviews Ordinance 209, which deals with zoning of medical marijuana facilities.

Three applications for medical marijuana facilities have already been submitted to the

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