Medical Marijuana Purveyor Cleared to Apply for Recreational Sales

The owner of the Island’s first and only licensed medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation facility has officially shown interest in obtaining a license to sell recreational marijuana as well.

The Cannabis Control Commission recently released a list of business entities who have received priority certification, which means they can apply early for recreational marijuana licensing. An application from Patient Centric of Martha’s Vineyard, owned by Island businessman Geoff Rose, was submitted on April 3, according to Cannabis Control Commission records. Patient Centric was granted the certification on April 10.

Mr. Rose confirmed that he is taking next steps in the application process for a recreational license.

“There’s a process, and I’m currently reviewing the community outreach guidelines,” he told the Gazette Tuesday.

Community outreach guidelines require prospective marijuana retailers to hold a public meeting to present their business plan and discuss community impacts. The guidelines also require a host community agreement with the host town. Mr. Rose is licensed to sell medical marijuana in West Tisbury. He declined to say what town he might consider for recreational sales.

“This effort needs to be done by mature, responsible individuals who have a knowledge of the industry and as importantly an understanding of the community and a caring of the community,” he said.

Patient Centric of Martha’s Vineyard was one of 55 registered marijuana dispensaries to complete an application for priority certification in Massachusetts as of April 9, according to records from the Cannabis Control Commission’s meeting on the issue.

Those who received priority certification can apply for recreational licensing starting this week. Others have to wait until the first of May or the first of June, depending on eligibility. Sale of recreational, or adult-use, marijuana is expected to begin this summer in Massachusetts.

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