Medical Marijuana Sales in Oklahoma Exceeded $7 Million in February

February sales data show that Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program is flourishing. In fact, the program’s runaway success is something few could have predicted when voters approved a hotly contested ballot initiative legalizing medical cannabis last June. Despite coordinated efforts to restrict and block key provisions of the voter-approved measure, Oklahoma is crafting one of the most accessible medical cannabis programs in the region. And February’s $7.2 million in medical cannabis sales makes a compelling case that they’re succeeding.

How High Will Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Sales Climb?

By the end of December, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority had licensed more than 30,000 patients and almost 900 dispensaries. And according to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, those patients generated nearly $1 million in sales that month. By January’s end, with thousands more patients and dozens more dispensaries licensed, sales rocketed to more than $4.3 million. And according to the most recent state Tax Commission figures, February medical marijuana sales topped $7.2 million.

These figures represent dispensary sales, and do not factor in commerce between cultivators, processors, manufacturers and distributors. Instead, they are a reflection of the way the industry has rapidly developed to meet the needs of more than 54,000 patients and 330 caregivers.

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