Medical marijuana shops wait for green light from Michigan

With medical marijuana now legal in Michigan, potential business owners are eager to open up shop.

While Michigan is accepting applications, they haven’t issued any yet. That means card holders who want to buy the product will have to wait at least another few months.

Right now, there’s nothing growing in Eau Claire. But business owners are planning for greener days.

“Behind me will be one big room for flowering,” Thomas Wright said. Wright is one of the partners of the Michigan Total Healing Center.

Thomas Wright and his partners are the first game in town, laying the ground work for their medical marijuana operation.

“We’re going to put the generator in outside. Our generator’s probably going to be about half the size of the city,” Wright said.

“We’ll have 189 lights, lighting up 189 separate stations,” master grower Ryan Bryk said.

The building behind me will become Eau Claire’s first grow site. The owners are making space for 1,500 plants. Each plant can produce up to 12 ounces of marijuana.

“We’ll end up harvesting well over two thousand pounds a year out of this facility,” Wright said.

“None of us want to get our hopes up too high. We’ve had the blessing of our local municipality, we have not had it from the state yet,” Bryk said.

State leaders began accepting applications for growers and dispensaries over the last few months. Every site has to be inspected and owners have to pass a background check.

“Once they are, we anticipate taking applications to the medical marijuana licensing board at either the March or April meeting where we’ll start passing the first licenses,” David Harns said. Harns is the public information officer with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

“There’s a lot of conversation

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