Medical Marijuana Vendor Hopeful for Recreational License

For Sam Barber, this has been years in the making — first setting up a dispensary for medical marijuana, then on the cusp of selling pot for recreational use.

“To be the only one and first is just incredible for us,” said Barber, president of Cultivate.

Barber found out Thursday he’s up for the state’s first license for a pot shop.

If his company wins approval at next week’s meeting of the Cannabis Control Commission, he’ll soon be selling marijuana for recreational use at the same location of his medical dispensary in Leicester.

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But there’s still a catch.

Even with a license, he won’t be able to sell just yet.

The marijuana needs to be tested by an independent lab, and so far, no labs have licenses.

Once everything is in place, Barber expects a rush of customers, and his staff will be warning people not to be reckless.

“The big thing is always start low, and to be careful,” said Barber. “Read the labels.”

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