Montpelier considers tightening medical marijuana rules

MONTPELIER — The Village of Montpelier is open to the idea of a marijuana cultivation business in town, but has already turned down a potential opportunity for a downtown dispensary.

A public hearing regarding regulations for a medical marijuana facility was held prior to the start of the regular village council meeting Monday.

Village Manager Kevin Brooks said that a moratorium on marijuana facilities — initially passed after the state voted to legalize the medicine — was rescinded in 2017, but the administration wanted to tighten regulations on where such a facility could be located.

The proposed regulations would place any such facility in the town’s industrial park, and it would have to be set back from the roadway and fenced. Brooks said the village has not been contacted, but in his opinion, a grow operation could produce revenue for the village.

However, the state of Ohio has already chosen its 12 small and 12 large sites for marijuana cultivation and no plans to expand the marijuana program have been announced.

Licenses for dispensaries have not yet been awarded.

“I don’t see any money in a dispensary, but a grow facility would produce income through the use of electricity, water and jobs,” Brooks said. “We were approached by a dispensary, but they wanted to locate in the downtown area, and we just aren’t going to have that.”

Later in the meeting council passed the first reading of an ordinance establishing regulations for cultivating and processing facilities and retail dispensaries.

No community residents attended the public hearing.

Also on Monday, council members:

• Were introduced to Chris Hinkle, the village’s new mechanic.

• Heard that

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