More Erie County doctors OK'd to certify medical marijuana patients

16 Erie County doctors are now approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

David Bruce @ETNBruce

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has approved nine more Erie County physicians to certify patients into the state’s new Medical Marijuana Program.

The physicians are in addition to seven others who were approved earlier this year. They won’t be writing prescriptions for medical marijuana but will certify that a patient has one of 17 particular medical conditions covered in the Medical Marijuana Act, which enables the patient to apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Health for a medical marijuana identity card.

The newly approved physicians:

Mark Baker, D.O., 2000 W. Grandview Blvd., Suite 212.
Roman Bojewski, D.O., 17 Merline Ave.
Bryant Bojewski, D.O., 2820 W. 12th St.
Sarah Breon, D.O., 300 York St., Corry.
Theodore Eckman, M.D., 1910 Sassafras St., Suite 300.
David Hutzel, M.D., 300 State St., Suite 103 A.
Jonathon Izbicki, D.O., 3424 Peach St.
Mary McNamara, M.D., 100 Barber Place.
Jithendra Rai, M.D., 2620 Sigsbee St.

They join the previously approved physicians:

Lisa Baird, D.O., 1001 State St., Suite 806.
Sherifia Heron, M.D., 3216 State St.
Harry Izbicki, D.O., 3424 Peach St.
Dale King, M.D., 118 E. Second St.
Ronald Leemhuis, M.D., 4601 Basswood Drive.
Joseph Leone III, D.O., 2028 W. 38th St.
Charles Rohrbach, 4000 Sterrettania Road.

McNamara is a psychiatrist employed by the Barber National Insitute. Her inclusion on the list doesn’t mean she will soon be certifying patients at the Erie-based center that treats people with autism, intellectual disabilities and behavioral health challenges.

An institute official said McNamara chose to go through the approval process on her own and was not mandated to do so by the institute.

“Our concern is that medical marijuana is still illegal from the federal government side, though it is legal from the state side,” said Ron Jones, the institute’s vice president of behavioral health services and business development.

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