Mormon Leaders Make A Statement About Medical Marijuana in Utah

This year, legislators in Utah are proposing a ballot initiative that would legalize medical marijuana. And polls show that support for medical marijuana is growing. In response to the upcoming vote, Mormon leaders make a statement about medical marijuana in Utah. Here’s what they said, and how Utahans are responding.

Mormon Leaders Address Medical Marijuana

The statement released by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) did not support medical marijuana. It reads:

“We commend the Utah Medical Association for its statement of March 30, 2018, cautioning that the proposed Utah marijuana initiative would compromise the health and safety of Utah communities. We respect the wise counsel of the medical doctors of Utah.

The public interest is best served when all new drugs designed to relieve suffering and illness, and the procedures by which they are made available to the public, undergo the scrutiny of medical scientists and official approval bodies.”

The Response to the LDS Church’s Statement

While this statement clearly does not support medical marijuana, it isn’t the full-fledged opposition that some were expecting. In order to confirm, FOX 13 reached out to mormon leadership. They had no further comment on how strongly they oppose the bill.

Mormon Leaders Defer to the Utah Medical Association

Mormon leaders make a statement about medical marijuana in Utah following the Utah Medical Association’s judgment. The statement issued in March condemns those who support medical marijuana for misrepresenting doctors, and cannabis itself.

The report reads: “The Utah Medical Association is concerned that backers of the Utah Marijuana Initiative are misrepresenting and misappropriating the position of the medical profession in Utah to garner support for their initiative.”

Furthermore, it says that the force behind legalizing medical marijuana is not about giving medical aid because marijuana is not a medicine, and is not FDA approved. The

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