New Hampshire House Passes Cannabis Legalization Bill

Lawmakers in the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a bill last Thursday that would legalize the recreational use and sale of marijuana. Representatives voted to pass the measure, House Bill 481, by a margin of 200-163 after being approved by the Ways and Means Committee in late March.

If passed, HB 481 would legalize possession of up to one ounce of cannabis and up to five grams of hashish or concentrates for adults 21 and older. Home cultivation of up to six plants and possession of the cannabis harvested from a home garden would also be permitted. The bill would also establish a regulatory structure for commercial cannabis production and sales.

Matt Simon, the New England political director for cannabis reform advocacy group the Marijuana Policy Project, hailed the passage of the bill in a press release.

“We applaud the House for advancing this historic legislation with such strong support,” he said. “HB 481 would replace New Hampshire’s failed prohibition policy with a more sensible system in which cannabis sales are regulated and taxed.”

Simon also called on senators to pass the measure approved by their colleagues in the House.

“It’s time for the Senate to recognize that regulating

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