Nova Scotia marijuana dispensary owners plan to fight to stay open post-legalization

Nova Scotia dispensary owners say they aren’t about to throw in the towel yet and feel federal legislation has provided a way for them to co-exist alongside recreational retail stores.READ: Judge grants HRM power to shut down Halifax cannabis dispensaryStory continues belowChris Enns, owner of Farm Assists Medical Cannabis Resource Centre in Halifax, doesn’t plan to shut his doors before or after recreational marijuana is legalized on Oct. 17.He says his dispensary serves only those with medical marijuana licenses and that even though Nova Scotia has opted to sell the soon-to-be legal drug through NSLC stores, he has reason to believe shops like his could stay in business going forward.“We were very encouraged to see that the federal government has legislated a very specific class of dealers – those that will be allowed to sell to medical cannabis patients,” he said of the Federal Cannabis Act.“But in effect, they’ve left it in the hands of the provinces with respect to how that will be rolled out.”READ: Mi’kmaq community enlists Olympian Ross Rebagliati to challenge N.S. marijuana monopolyEnns says the planned public retail model has a lack of access to specific types of cannabis used as medicine.If he and other owners, who have now come together as the Nova Scotia Medicinal Association of Cannabis Dispensaries, had their way, they would bridge the gap in access they say will continue to exist post-legalization.“Medical cannabis patients need to be able to access derivatives in many shapes and forms and those derivatives have simply not been legislated in the current distribution scheme,” he said.“If we’re going to make reasonable access available to those who are the sickest among us, then it’s incumbent upon the provinces to move forward in making legislation that will allow those current brick and mortar stores that are serving those that are

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