Oklahomans must choose between their guns and medical marijuana

Guns or medical marijuana?

Thousands of Oklahomans will be forced to choose between the two to avoid committing a felony, federal officials say.

And unless something changes, medical marijuana users also will be prohibited from obtaining state handgun permits, said Rick Adams, Oklahoma’s incoming director of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Oklahomans voted to approve state-sanctioned medical marijuana Tuesday, but marijuana use continues to be illegal under federal laws that concern both possession and gun ownership.

“Unlawful use of marijuana is a prohibiter from possessing firearms and ammunition under federal law,” said Meredith Davis, public information officer for the Dallas regional office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. “If you hold a license to use marijuana for medical use, there’s no exception for that prohibition under federal law.”

“If you possess a medical marijuana card, it’s presumed that you’re a user,” she said. “So you cannot possess, you can’t transfer, you can’t ship firearms or ammunition if you hold that license.”

It would be a felony for a person trying to make a private sale of a firearm to sell to a person they know to be a medical marijuana license holder, she said.

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