Olivia Newton-John Says She Will Use Cannabis to Fight Third Battle with Cancer

Actress and pop music star Olivia Newton-John has revealed that she is using medicinal cannabis to help her fight her third battle against cancer. In December, Newton-John, who is most famous for her role as Sandy in 1978’s Grease, revealed that the breast cancer that she first fought in 1992 had returned and spread to the base of her spine. She also battled a return of the disease in 2013.

In an interview this week on the Australian television news program Sunday Night, Newton-John, 69, said that she is using cannabis, which she called a “magical, miracle plant,” as part of her treatment.

Homegrown Medicine Effective For Pain

Newton-John’s husband, John Easterling, is an herbalist and founder of the Amazon Herb Company. He grows cannabis on their ranch in California, where personal cultivation for medicinal and recreational purposes is legal.

“My husband’s a plant medicine man so he grew cannabis and made tinctures for me for pain and inflammation,” said Newton-John.

She explained that the pain can be difficult to manage and sometimes causes mobility issues.

“The pain was the hardest thing,” said Newton-John. “I can walk, but I can’t go long distances.”

She added that she prefers natural cannabis to treat pain

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