One Woman Wants Better Laws Surrounding Medical Marijuana Patien – WBOC-TV 16, Delmarvas News Leader, FOX …

SALISBURY, M.D–One woman in Wicomico County is demanding new laws supporting patients who carry medical marijuana. Police say 30 year old Kaitlin Austin’s car was searched because of a marijuana odor.

Austin believes the search shouldn’t have happened because she’s prescribed medical marijuana. 

But police say that search was legal. 

Kaitlin Camper was driving along Broad Street in Salisbury a week ago. That’s when she was pulled over by a Maryland State Trooper. Camper says she was stopped because a tail feather hanging from her rear view mirror, which is illegal. 

State police say once the trooper smelled a marijuana odor, their trooper immediately searched Austin’s car. But Austin says since her use of medical marijuana is legal, because she has a state issued number to have it, that search should have never happened. 

“I feel disrespected, I feel violated, I am afraid to now have my medication on me in the car because I was told by this officer supervisor that it’s almost a gurantee that if i have my prescription that I am going to have my car searched,” says Camper. 

Despite the search, Austin was not charged with any drug offense. Maryland State Police release a statement…

“According to state law, when troopers have probable cause to believe that controlled dangerous substances are present, such as the odor of marijuana, they are legally allowed to conduct a search of the vehicle,” says Ron Snyder. 

Kaitlyn says she suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and describes the search as a traumatic experience. She wants the law changed so that medical marijuana patients vehicles aren’t searched. 

“Officers need to be educated about the new law’s, officers should not be allowed to search the car provided if the patient upfront , provides their patient ID and their drivers license or

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