Ontario officials consider extending medical marijuana ban

2015 photo taken at a medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, Ca.(Photo: AP file photo)

ONTARIO – Ontario officials are considering extending a six-month moratorium, or ban, on the cultivation and dispensing of medical marijuana in the city.

Ontario’s last six-month ban on medical marijuana expired Dec. 21 and has not yet been renewed. It was enacted in June 2017.

Ohio legalized medical marijuana in September 2016 to allow people with some medical conditions to purchase and use the drug with the recommendation of an Ohio-licensed physician.

The city has no existing laws on the books related to the legal use of medical marijuana. Ontario City Council members discussed what should be done at the Ontario City Council meeting on Wednesday night.

First-ward Councilman Nathan Sunderland suggested keeping six-month bans in place rather than making a permanent decision, just in case new developments happen in the future.

“Myself personally, I would hate to get rid of it completely because who’s to say a year or two down the road, the state doesn’t come in, and they have a brilliant idea about it,” he said. “It’s one of the things I hate to say absolutely not and then turn around and kick ourselves in the rear end for doing that.”

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Councilman-at-large Ken Earhart also said the six-month moratoriums should continue rather than making a permanent decision.

Third-ward Councilman Mark Weidemyre said a permanent decision should be made.

“Are we ever gonna allow it, or are we just gonna live in the dark ages forever?” he asked.

Council President Jim Hellinger said Ontario is a relatively conservative community and said residents could be unhappy if medical marijuana were allowed in the city.

“I just think

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