Opinion: Medical marijuana should be allowed in ASU's residential halls

From campus policy to federal law, marijuana regulation needs sweeping change

Photo by Ben Lacasse | The State Press

“Current housing policies do not permit use of medical marijuana.” Illustration published on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

By Ross Douglas | 5 hours ago

Marijuana is known to offer several medicinal benefits but is often overlooked due to its questionable legal status. At present, marijuana is strictly forbidden on all properties owned or leased by ASU. This is severely detrimental because many medical marijuana cardholders living in any of ASU’s residential halls will have to seek alternative prescriptions.

Despite being most known for its recreational use, marijuana and the medications derived from it have a variety of medicinal applications. 

Cody Holt, a senior in global studies and the director of operations for the ASU chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, said marijuana has been used medicinally for much of recorded history.

“Medical marijuana has been used medicinally not just recently,” said Holt. “There have been noted applications across societies across the world.”

Holt also said that banning marijuana on campus goes against ASU’s core values. 

“It goes against ASU’s principle of inclusivity,” Holt said. “(Prohibiting medical marijuana use) is not really capturing all the students we possibly can and giving them the best chance for success.” 

Currently in western medicine, medical marijuana is used as an alternative to opioids for treating chronic pain. Peter Grinspoon, a medical doctor and contributing editor to Harvard Health Blog, said that marijuana is especially helpful for patients with nerve disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

Similarly, cannabinoid medications can be used to help people with PTSD or patients undergoing chemotherapy because of their ability to reduce pain and nausea while boosting mood and appetite. In addition, marijuana’s properties as a muscle relaxant make it a

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