Pennsylvania Approves Fulton County Medical Marijuana Grower

SPRINGVILLE — Former Utah Congressman Chris Cannon has launched a new company for the purpose of conducting cannabidiol studies, the first which will focus on Utah participants wrestling with pain, anxiety or sleep issues.

Based in Springville, Endo-C organized this spring after the passage of House Bill 130 during the 2017 Legislative session. Rep. Brad Daw, an Orem Republican, sponsored that legislation to allow companies such as Endo-C to conduct cannabis research under the supervision of a doctor and an institutional review board.

Cannon, chairman of Endo-C, lives in Mapleton. His connection to cannabis research is personal—his daughter battled cancer and endured pain through the journey that ultimately took her life in December 2003. A friend of Cannon’s told him that cannabis could have eased her pain, and that idea fueled his Endo-C endeavor.

“We realized a long time ago that we should be doing something with CBD,” Cannon said by phone Tuesday. But legislative groundwork had to be laid to make that possible—since 1971 the plant has been classified at the federal level as a schedule I controlled substance, which makes it an illicit drug.

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