Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Board OKs Sale of Cannabis Leaf and Flower

San Diego’s legal marijuana stores could run short of recreational cannabis this summer when the seasonal rise in tourism sends the demand for cannabis soaring in a city that’s emerged as a mecca for the sale of marijuana.

Analysts and retailers say the government hasn’t been approving cultivation licenses fast enough to meet anticipated demand. And the state is preparing to prevent the sale of cannabis that doesn’t meet quality control standards, which could tighten the supply.

“There is a worry among our members that there could be a shortage over the summer,” said Dallin Young, executive director for the Association of Cannabis Professionals, a San Diego-based trade group.

“With the increase in tourists, in addition to the already high demand among San Diegans, there just might not be enough adult-use cannabis to go around.”

San Diego attracts about 35 million tourists a year, roughly 8 million of whom visit during July and August.

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Top Image: © Mcdonojj | Adobe Stock

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