Prosecutors in Nebraska Will Dismiss Case Against CBD Store Owners

Prosecutors in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska said they have chosen to dismiss a criminal case involving a mother and son who opened a CBD store. The decision could have important legal implications for CBD in the state of Nebraska. Most immediately, the entire case highlights the confusion and tension surrounding CBD under Nebraska state law. And importantly, within that context, the decision to drop the case could pave the way to a more lenient approach to CBD in the state.

Dismissing the Case

Scotts Bluff County Attorney Dave Eubanks confirmed this week that his office will not follow through on charges against Heather and Dreyson Beguin.

The mother and son team were facing criminal charges for opening and operating a CBD store. For them, the drama began back in December.

On Dec. 14, Scotts Bluff police raided their store. Subsequently, Heather and Dreyson were both arrested. And when the dust settled, the two found themselves facing serious felony charges. Specifically, they were charged with felony counts of distributing a controlled substance.

Now, prior to their scheduled court cases, the county attorney has decided to dismiss the case. Eubanks told local news source KETV Omaha that his office has better things to

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