Raid on Sydney medical marijuana dispensary angers clients

Jeff Tobin stands outside the courtroom before Donald James Campbell’s first appearance. Campbell was one of three people charged in conjunction with a raid of two Cape Breton Medical Cannabis (CBMC) locations and two residences. Nikki Sullivan/Cape Breton Post

SYDNEY, N.S. — Cries of anger, disappointment and disgust rang throughout a Sydney courtroom on Monday when a judge ruled Donald James Campbell was to stay in jail until a bail hearing on Friday.

Campbell’s supporters packed the courtroom on Monday. His mother, overcome with emotion, had to be taken out by wheelchair after the verdict.

Campbell is one of three people charged after Cape Breton Regional Police Service raided two commercial properties and two residential properties on Friday. During the raid, an estimated $200,000 worth of drugs was found plus $20,000 cash.

The two commercial properties were known as Cape Breton Medical Cannabis (CBMC), a medical marijuana dispensary.

More than 60 people were in court to support Campbell. Some, like Jeff Tobin, had letters they hoped to read to the judge.

“CBMC saved my life. I’ll be here standing by their side no matter what they go through,” said the married father of two.

Severe back pain, caused by two herniated discs plus a mass wedged between one disc and his spinal cord, led Tobin to many doctors and to try many prescription painkillers. Nothing worked.

“After surgery my pain didn’t get any better … to use the bathroom, my bedroom was in the basement and I would have to do a kid crawl to get up the stairs,” said Tobin, who wasn’t able to work because of the pain.

He decided to try medical marijuana six months ago and went to CBMC. Now, the 34-year old says he is doing things he hasn’t done in years, is back

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