Residents react to first medical marijuana pharmacy coming to NO

Mindy Hobley is the owner of Ringletts Salon in Gentilly. Her shop in the Oak Park Shopping Center is a few doors away from where a medical marijuana pharmacy is set to open up– and she’s ok with that.

Mindy believes the pharmacy will help a lot of people.

“PTSD, epilepsy, so many uses for it and it doesn’t counteract with anything else in your body,” said Mindy. “I’m ok with it, I’m totally ok with it.”

Theresa Jackson, a dialysis patient who’s been dealing with chronic pain for 17 years, says if it’ll help, why not?

“It’s not hurting nobody. If it can help, do it,” said Theresa. “You can’t get mad with somebody that’s trying to do something to help them.”

But some people, against it, voiced their frustrations online. One person said a medical marijuana pharmacy in their neighborhood is “outrageous.”

“I understand both perspectives,” said Allencia Burden. “I feel like people would abuse it but then again if it’s for medical purposes, why not?”

Right now, patients with serious conditions like cancer, HIV or AIDS or seizure disorders can qualify for a non-smokable form of marijuana.

“I’m all for it, I believe it will be totally controlled. It’s a pharmacy situation,” said Mindy.

“I think it’ll be beneficial to people who really need it. I know some people abuse it but I know people really need it,” added Carrieyon Edwards, 32.

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