Richmond, Lenox townships consider medical marijuana issues

Medical marijuana facilities could be a possibility in Richmond Township though members of the board of trustees want to hear residents’ thoughts on the idea.

Richmond Township Supervisor Cindi Greenia said an informational meeting is scheduled for April 18 at the township hall

“This is a program on medical marijuana and we want to know what our township residents would like to see the board do as far as what they would feel comfortable having within our township borders,” Greenia said.

Public Act 281 of 2016, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, allows five types of facilities including: Grower, Processor, Secure Transporter, Dispensary and Safety Compliance Center.


Greenia said the township has scheduled its own attorneys to attend the meeting and a colleague from their Sterling Heights based firm will do a presentation on the topic.

“The main purpose of this meeting is to get information out — not to sway anyone either way,” Greenia said. “We are looking for their opinions (our residents) real and raw — we want to know. But, we also want to try to give them some information to think about.”

In attempt to have all residents heard on the subject, the township placed a six-question survey on its website seeking comments and concerns about the topic.

“Right now, we have only received about 30 responses and it’s been about 50/50 split on the yes vs. no,” Greenia said, noting all surveys must be submitted by April 11.

The board will review the surveys to try and gage what the majority of residents are comfortable having in the township.

“We will definitely review the surveys and there are five different types of facilities that are up for discussion,” Greenia said. “The board can decide if we want to allow one of them all

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