Safe to smoke marijuana at Arizona colleges? Here are the rules


The ruling overturns a 2012 law passed by the Legislature that barred cardholders from possessing and using marijuana on public college campuses Isabel Greenblatt, The Republic |

Public college campuses across the country, like Arizona State, prohibit the use and possession of marijuana on campus, saying they must comply with federal laws to receive federal funding. Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, though 30 states and the District of Columbia have approved its use to some degree.(Photo: Michael Schennum / The Republic)

Smoking marijuana on the campuses of Arizona’s three public universities is still forbidden.

While the Arizona Supreme Court ruled May 23 that the medical marijuana cardholders can’t face criminal charges for on-campus pot use, that doesn’t mean it’s a pot free-for-all at state colleges now.

College students with and without medical marijuana cards can face serious consequences for lighting up.

Here’s what to know about marijuana as an Arizona college student:

What universities say about drugs

The Arizona Board of Regents have an extensive student code of conduct that prohibits all kinds of behavior, from assault to cheating to hazing.

Among the prohibited acts in the code of conduct: “Unauthorized use, sale, possession, or distribution of any controlled substance or illegal drug or possession of drug paraphernalia that would violate the law.”

This includes both on- and off-campus drug use and possession.

Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University all follow the regents’ conduct policy.

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The regents also require the universities to be drug-free workplaces.

Universities also have to comply with federal laws or could risk the

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