School Designation Questions Holds Up Marijuana Dispensary Talks

NORWOOD, MA — Can an establishment be considered a school even if it really isn’t a school in a traditional sense? That’s the question that came up during Tuesday’s zoning board of appeals hearing for proposed medical marijuana facility Middlesex Integrative Medicine.

To be located inside the industrial park on Astor Avenue, the building is within 500 feet of Goldfish Swim School and Velocity Sports. Goldfish Swim is a swimming facility that provides lessons for kids while Velocity Sports provides athletic training.

Attorney Richard Staiti, an attorney for MIM, said that the facilities don’t qualify as schools under the town bylaws, but that didn’t stop the board from receiving several letters, including one from Police Chief William Brook, who questioned the building’s distance, according to the Norwood Transcript and Bulletin.

The proposal, which would be inside an existing 3,100-square-foot building, received a letter of no-opposition from the selectmen two years ago.

As stipulated by the state regulations for a medical marijuana facility, you can only gain access to the building if you are an employee or a medical marijuana cardholder over the age of 21.

The hearing was continued to July 17 to allow the board to invite Goldfish Swim School and Velocity Sports.

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