Some business owners concerned over proposed Union City pot dispensary

UNION CITY (KRON) – A number of business owners in Union City are concerned that a proposed marijuana dispensary will disrupt the entire neighborhood.

There are a number of businesses that cater to children and that is one of their main issues.

KRON4 met with a number of business owners on Wednesday.

They’re telling KRON4 they don’t oppose cannabis dispensaries, but they believe having one there would disrupt the entire neighborhood.

Ascend Rehab caters to special needs children with physical, mental, and behavioral conditions. The teachers, along with neighboring businesses that also cater to children, are concerned a marijuana dispensary may be taking over this space soon.

They believe the dispensary will impact enrollment, and the business won’t be able to continue the work they’re doing in the community.

“I owe it to them to make sure this is a safe, secure neighborhood and that there isn’t a dispensary less than 100 feet from here,” Ascend Rehab Director and Founder Swati Shah said.

There’s also a batting cage for children nearby, a hospital, and a dental office that caters to young ones just feet away.

No place for a dispensary says Marcus Lin of Kohoutek Dental.

“At least not in this location,” Lin said. “In fact, another location has opened another mile up from here. Why do they need 2 locations so close to each other?”

With limited street and lot parking, this is a potential parking nightmare.

A green wall has been suggested to separate the business from the school.

“It’s gonna generate two times as much revenue,” Felix Archuleta of NeoTech Realty said. “Money talks and us little people have a tendency to be pushed aside.”

These business owners were able to stop the approval process. 

Right now, further research is being done.

The city council may decide one

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