South Carolina Won't Pass Medical Marijuana Bill 'Unless Some Sort of Miracle Happens,' Says State Senator

Medical marijuana is currently limited to cannabidiol products in South Carolina, but Republican State Senator Tom Davis is trying to change that. Davis has sponsored a bill that would establish a proper medical marijuana industry in South Carolina and allow patients possession of up to two ounces of cannabis.

While Davis’s bill is now heading to Senate, the House portion of the bill is stuck in limbo. It faces an April 10 deadline to be advanced by a House committee, and even with these shifting attitudes Davis isn’t holding his breath for the bill’s survival.

“It is not going to get passed this year unless some sort of miracle happens,” Davis told the Independent Mail recently.

It’s easy to see why Davis doesn’t feel confident about the bill given the rhetoric being spouted by Republican colleagues like fellow State Senator Tom Corbin, who used an anecdote about a trip to Humboldt County, California with his family to support his opposition to medicinal cannabis.

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