State approves second round of docs to recommend medical marijuana; 37 are in Northeast Ohio

Another 53 doctors were approved by the State Medical Board of Ohio at its May meeting to recommend medical marijuana, upping the total number of licensed doctors in the state to 89.

It’s just the second round of doctors approved for what’s known as a “certificate to recommend,” or CTR. The first batch of 36 doctors was approved in April, and other doctors will be added to the list at each of the medical board’s monthly meetings.

In order to receive a CTR, applicants must hold an active, unrestricted M.D. or D.O. license from the State Medical Board of Ohio and complete at least two hours of continuing medical education that will assist in diagnosing qualifying conditions, treating those conditions with medical marijuana and possible drug interactions. There is no cost to apply.

Of all the doctors with CTRs thus far, 37 are in the Northeast Ohio, which Crain’s defines as 15 counties in and around Cleveland.

That means about 41% of all those licensed doctors so far are in this market, which will have 18 of the state’s 60 initial dispensaries. Of the 150 applicants seeking those licenses, more than 40% are looking to operate in this region.

That all indicates that stakeholders are expecting there to be lots of demand for medical marijuana in Northeast Ohio when the related program goes live on Sept. 8.

Despite that deadline, the market has been coming together much slower than expected, as Crain’s explored in March. There’s a good some medical marijuana will be available by the September deadline, but it won’t be fully operational for some time after that. After all, while 25 licenses have been awarded to 13 large and 12 small cultivators, licenses still have not been awarded to the state’s initial 40 processors or dispensaries. Word is

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