Superfund Priorities | Downtown Crime | Medical Marijuana

By Allison Frost, Sage Van Wing, Samantha Matsumoto 1 hour ago

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Washington Post environmental reporter Brady Dennis joins us to talk about the Environmental Protection Agency’s recently released list of  Superfund “priority” sites where it says it wants to expedite the cleanup. We find out what this could mean for the Willamette River Superfund site in Portland, and more about how the agency is being run under the direction of one of its biggest critics, Scott Pruitt.

Last week we heard from Columbia CEO Tim Boyle, who says increased crime in downtown Portland has become untenable for his employees. For another business perspective on this, we hear from Ashley Henry of Business For A Better Portland.

After the legalization of recreational marijuana, most medical dispensaries in the state have switched over to the recreational market. Dispensary owners had a deadline on Dec. 1 to notify the Oregon Health Authority whether they intended to switch to the recreational industry. Of the 16 medical dispensaries remaining in the state, several have indicated they plan to become recreational sellers. We’ll talk about how this affects the medical marijuana program with a medical dispensary manager, a recreational dispensary founder, medical marijuana advocate and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

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