The Best Dispensaries in San Diego Right Now

As of January 1, 2018, weed is now legal for any and all kinds of users in the great state of California — we even put together a statewide legal weed guide to celebrate it! With the end of prohibition comes a glut of new, fully licensed dispensaries that are able to sell product to both medical and recreational patients, and existing dispensaries have responded by upping their customer service regimens, adding bells and whistles, and decking out the decor. Unfortunately, with legalization also comes a few headaches, like longer lines, higher prices and, in some cases, reduced selection, meaning that some dispensaries have chosen to stay strictly medical. Regardless of designation, though, here are the best marijuana dispensaries in San Diego.

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Bay Park
Easily the bougiest and flashiest of San Diego’s dispensaries, Urbn Leaf’s two locations in Bay Park and Golden Hill are sleek, modern, and look like they could double as matcha-serving cafes straight off of Instagram. They also sell one of the widest varieties of non-bud product out there, including lubes, suppositories, salves, and more; the bud they do have is often proprietary and high quality. Urbn Leaf has also employed a branded “CannaBus,” which it uses to shuttle would-be customers from bars in Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach right to its Bay Park location.

Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Op

Point Loma
Enthusiasts’ favorite dispensary in the Point Loma area is Golden State Greens, which used to be called Point Loma Patient-Consumer Co-op. The interior is plain, but nice — all of the floors and counters are paneled in light-colored wood, with some of the selection available in ensconced glass

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