The United Kingdom Will Soon Have First Cannabis-Infused Restaurant

On November 1, the United Kingdom legalized medical cannabis treatments. Adult use, however, remains under prohibition. And as happens in many cases when cannabis legalization is both popular and desired but barred by prohibition, interest is rapidly growing in the next best thing: cannabidiol, or CBD. Despite the prohibition on cannabis, hemp CBD products are legal in the U.K., as are hemp agricultural products. This creates openings for businesses to capitalize on consumer demand for cannabis with legal hemp and CBD products. And The Canna Kitchen, located in Brighton, is the first restaurant to do exactly that.

U.K.’s First Cannabis-Infused Restaurant Opens December 1

Duke Street in Brighton, a seaside resort town on the south coast of England about an hour drive from London, is a bustling avenue of shops, cafés, restaurants, and boutiques. And on December 1, it will become the site of the United Kingdom’s first restaurant offering cannabis-infused culinary fare. The Canna Kitchen specializes in vegetarian and vegan dining. Sam Evolution, who directs The Canna Kitchen, says virtually the entire menu will showcase a variety of cannabis infusions.

Since THC is illegal in the U.K., all of The Canna Kitchen’s cannabis infusions will utilize CBD. CBD derived

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