Trump golf ball tweet should earn unanimous rebuke from congressional women – Chicago Tribune

Every woman in Congress should refuse to work with President Donald Trump until he apologizes for retweeting a gif that shows him hitting Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball.

Enough. Beyond enough.

Violence against women is a global epidemic. It’s never funny.

Violence against a two-term United States senator, highly regarded secretary of state, former first lady, mother of one and grandmother of two, shared by the president of the United States for giggles, is disgusting.

It shouldn’t be brushed off as the latest shenanigans from a Twitter-happy good ol’ boy. It should be the last straw.

One hundred and five women serve in the United States Congress — 21 in the Senate; 84 in the House. Every one of them — regardless of party — should sign a statement condemning Trump’s repulsive tweet and pledging to freeze him out until he acknowledges its toxicity: Kirsten Gillibrand, Susan Collins, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Tammy Duckworth, Kay Granger, all of them

It could go something like this:

We, the women representing all Americans, unanimously condemn President Donald Trump’s reprehensible tweet showing Hillary Clinton’s likeness being hit with a golf ball.

Many of us served alongside Clinton in the Senate. We are proud of her service as Secretary of State. She is an American citizen. We are duty-bound to represent and serve her. An attack on her is an attack on us.

Additionally, we refuse to sit in silence while the president of the United States makes light of violence against women. The World Health Organization estimates 1 in 3 women worldwide experiences physical and/or sexual violence in her lifetime. Domestic violence costs the United States an estimated $8.3 billion in expenses annually.

We will work with the president to decrease those numbers, but we will absolutely not endorse his vengeful musings against a fellow woman and fellow American. We will not, in fact, work with him at all until he apologizes for retweeting such garbage and disavows himself from the people who created it.

He knows where to find us.


The women serving in the United States Congress

If they want to measure public support for such a move, they can put the statement on and ask for signatures. More than 3 million people showed up across America for January’s women’s marches. I think they’d get a few signatures, starting with mine.

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