UConn’s New Cannabis Course Brings Scientific Rigor to the Art of Growing

Beginning next week, students at the University of Connecticut have the chance to take a pioneering new course in cannabis horticulture. The course, titled “Horticulture of Cannabis: from Seed to Harvest,” aims to train students in all aspects of the cannabis cultivation process.

Importantly, this course represents progress on multiple fronts. For starters, it is part of an increasing focus on bringing scientifically-proven and evidence-backed processes to the world of cannabis cultivation. Additionally, the course is part of a growing trend in which colleges and universities are beginning to train students to enter the legal cannabis industry.

UConn’s New Cannabis Course

UConn’s new cannabis course will begin on January 22, when the school returns from winter break. It is being offered as part of the school’s Sustainable Plant and Soil Systems program.

And according to primary instructor Matthew DeBacco, the course will be a breakthrough for UConn, higher education in general, and the entire cannabis industry.

Most immediately, the course is the first of its kind ever offered at UConn. But beyond that, it is also at the vanguard of a new trend sweeping across the entire university system.

“From what I can tell, this is one of the first courses

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