Utah Group Challenging Medical Marijuana Compromise in State Supreme Court

Despite a fierce, well-organized and well-funded opposition campaign by a powerful coalition of religious organizations and conservative health professionals, 53 percent of Utah voters said yes to Proposition 2 in November, legalizing access to medical cannabis treatments. But in a special legislative session last week, Utah lawmakers, including many who oppose Prop 2., passed what they call a “compromise bill,” overriding many of the substantial elements of the voter-approved legislation. In response, several Utahns have come together to form a new advocacy group called The People’s Right (TPR) to fight the legislative override in court.

The People’s Right Files With Supreme Court to Restore Voter-Approved Medical MJ Law

The People’s Right, a newly formed Political Issues Committee, is demanding that the Utah Supreme Court restore the medical cannabis law voters approved in November. Today, TPR filed a Writ of Extraordinary Relief with the Utah Supreme Court in Salt Lake City. In the writ, TPR Chair Steve Maxfield says that the gutting of Prop. 2 by Utah legislators and Governor Gary Herbert disregarded the will of the People and “attacked their voice and vote.”

Maxfield filed the writ pro se, which means he’ll represent himself rather than TPR. This allows Maxfield to avoid

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