Utah Votes Yes on Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure

Yesterday, Utahns voted yes on Proposition 2, thereby legalizing medical marijuana. The outcome represents a big win for cannabis, especially in light of the significant opposition medical marijuana has long faced in the state.

Medical Marijuana in Utah

As of late last night, reports indicated that Proposition 2 won with a 53 percent to 47 percent margin. As a result, the state has now legalized the use of marijuana for medical purpose.

More specifically, and as summarized by Forbes, Proposition 2 allows for a number of new changes. These include:

Patients with a qualifying health condition will now be allowed to access medical marijuana. In order to obtain medical cannabis, patients will need a physician’s recommendation. Those with a recommendation from their doctor will receive a medical marijuana card from the state. Utah’s medical marijuana program will allow for a set number of dispensaries to operate throughout the state. Patients will be allowed to purchase up to 10 grams of cannabis from a dispensary every two weeks. Those who live far away from a dispensary will be allowed to grow up to six plants at home. If necessary, patients will be allowed to have a designated caregiver to help obtain

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