What You Need To Know About Recreational Marijuana In Mass.

The marijuana industry in Massachusetts will hit a major milestone Sunday, as recreational sales of cannabis become legal.

But while you might be legally able to buy recreational marijuana at a pot shop, so far there aren’t any licensed shops to sell it to you. That’s expected to change in the next few weeks and months.

So what’s this new industry going to look like? What do users need to know? We asked you for your questions, and we have some answers.

Where can I buy marijuana?

As of right now, nowhere. The Cannabis Control Commission, the panel charged with regulating and licensing marijuana businesses, has long said not to expect  Massachusetts to look like Colorado on July 1.

So far the commission has OK’d the license application of just one business. On Thursday, the panel granted a cultivator license to a grower in Milford, Sira Naturals, but that’s not a retail store.

The 30 open registered medical marijuana dispensaries are expected to apply for adult-use retail licenses, and those are likely the first retail stores that will open.

What towns, as of now, are open to having marijuana shops opening up? — Kevin

That number is shifting. As of now, there are about 70 communities that have a ban on the books, and about 160 more cities and towns have a moratorium of some sort in place, though most of those moratoriums are expiring at the end of this year.

Will towns that ban cannabis businesses or enact moratoriums still receive tax dollars generated from sales of cannabis products within Massachusetts? — Joe Crinkley

Yes. They’ll share in the statewide 17 percent sales and marijuana

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