Will Herbert's opposition to the medical cannabis initiative have an impact? Our 'Political Insiders' don't think so

Polls show that more than 3/4 of Utahns support a proposed ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabis. Despite that overwhelming support, Gov. Gary Herbert recently said he would “actively oppose” the ballot initiative.

Our “Political Insiders” say Herbert’s opposition to legalizing medical marijuana won’t make much difference if the initiative makes the ballot in November. 57% of the Republicans on our “Insider” panel say Herbert’s opposition won’t have an impact. 72% of the Democrats and 54% of our readers felt the same way. 

Herbert says he is opposed to the medical cannabis initiative because he fears it will lead to recreational use in Utah. In a statement shortly after he signed two bills giving terminally ill Utahns access to medical marijuana Herbert said the ballot proposal “has significant flaws.”

“I believe the consequences of this initiative, even if they are unintended, will do more harm than good,” said Herbert.

Selected anonymous comments 

I don’t think that Herbert’s opposition will have an impact – but I do think the polling is off on this and it will be a much closer race than the current polls show.

While I agree with Gov Herbert’s sentiment, he has little sway over others opinions in this matter.

I think most Utahns are fed up with the Legislature’s failure to seriously act on medical marijuana. This year’s bill covers only a fraction of those who could benefit. The citizens’ initiative is flawed, but it will likely pass.

The governor might be popular, but his support is thin, and his opinion is inconsequential.

It passes in a landslide. Now, if the LDS Church openly opposes it, that would close the gap, though that would not be enough.

His opposition will cause some to question support.

The petition language is so flawed. The amateurs responsible for it

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