Winners of the First Alaska Cannabis Cup

This past weekend, we had our very first Alaska Cannabis Cup in the city of Wasilla. Dozens of growers and companies rose to the occasion and brought forth their best products for consideration. Here are the winners of the first Alaska Cannabis Cup:

Best Indica

1st Place: Strawberry Banana by 2 Bros Growin’

The judges said: “Trichome profile was fantastic. Smelled super sticky, [had a] very pleasant aroma, and smooth taste with no harsh, throaty feel. [It] burned nice and medium [and produced a] heady high.”

2nd Place: Frosted Cherry Cookies by Patrick Reagan Ak Legend Garden Center

3rd Place: Thunder Kats by Swamp Donkey Seeds

Best Hybrid

1st Place: Mac by Patrick Reagan Ak Legend Garden Center

The judges said: “All around good taste, good high, and excellent bud structure and trichome production. Very sticky with an even burn all the way down. Fruity, berry-like smell.”

2nd Place: Mimosa by Great Northern Cannabis

3rd Place: Platinum Huckleberry Cookies by Peace Frog Botanicals

Best Sativa

1st Place: Grapefruit Juice by The Frost Frontier

The judges said: “Dense, frosty, and gorgeous. Tastes like it smells: tangerines and oranges. Ash burned to white when finished.”

2nd Place: Citrus Sunshine by The House of Green in Collaboration with BAM Alaska

3rd Place: Skunk Haze by

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